Saturday, 3 October 2009


A bit of a deviation from the theme of gardening. When Alison stayed over from Canada we decided to have a day out at the Watercress steam railway so boarded the steam train at Alton. This was the first stop at Ropley.
Ropley is a train engineering yard so lots of trains there to see.

It was a lot of point and snap. The next one after this was just smoke so didn't think it would interest you.

Back on the train we disembarked at Alresford crossing the bridge allowed some good photo shots.

The carriages were just as interesting.

New Alresford town is quaint and interesting so we decided to have a walk and a picnic.

Not one to miss a lovely garden or cottages.

This is the lane past the watermill which has been restored nicely over the years we have visited the town.

This is the watercress beds.

The Fire Station.

I ran out of charge for my camera but Mike had my old Fuji camera so I was able to use that too.
This was New Alresford St John the Baptist church shot courtesy of Alison

Probably the best action packed shot was also courtesy of Alison. The connection.