Wednesday, 7 October 2009


These are some more of my roses that I never got round to posting earlier in the summer. I want to keep a record of all my roses which I hope to compile in the winter months.

The above is Blush Rambler very vigorous and flowers profusely.

This is a cutting of Francine Austin I have pruned back most years to try and encourage more growth but I think this year I will be more gentle with the pruning. I never seem to have vigorous white flowering roses all mine struggle.

Well actually not all this is Rosa Moschata which is very vigorous and flowers quite well. David Austin catalogue says 'This the Old Musk Rose probably introduced in the time of Queen Elizabeth I. It bears it's glistening creamy white single flowers in widely-branching sprays. Late-blooming and then repeat flowering, a delicious Musk fragrance.' How true.

This was a cutting from New Dawn climber, it grows facing North and hardly gets a glimmer of sun but still flowers and brightens an otherwise dull wall/fence/hedge.

This was a cutting from Julie a neighbour and I think it is Crimson Shower. See the problems I have with bindweed ugh! It's everywhere.

White Flower Carpet which is struggling although it was swamped by lavender which has been pruned hard back to allow the rose more light.

The above is yet another bush of Cecille Brunner taken from a cutting from another neighbour Christina's rose. The roses are quite tiny really but flowers continuously through the summer.

This is Hermosa I moved it to the front of a bed because it was so short and frail and what happened, it liked it so much it is growing very tall infact too tall for the position I chose He ho!

Hermosa was chosen with a small group of Old Roses that I bought. David Austin's description '(China) This is an excellent small shrub that bears pretty little pink flowers of globular formation. These are produced with remarkable continuity on bushy growth. Fragrant. Quite hardy.'

The above is Rosemoor. David Austin says it all 'A particularly charming rose that bears medium sized perfectly formed rosette-shaped flowers rather like centifolia rose, De Meaux. Their colour is a lovely soft pink that pales with age, eventually revealing a tiny green eye at the centre, providing a most pleasing effect. They have a strong and delicious old rose fragrance with additional hints of apple, cucumber and violet leaf. This rose has very bushy and healthy growth, making it an excellent border plant. Named after the RHS' beautiful gardenas part of their bicentennial celebrations.'

Jayne Austin, yes one I have shown before but still flowering happily until quite recently.

This rose is Flower Carpet grown from a cutting by Jane who I worked with some years ago.

This I will have to call Nanny's rose as I have no name for it. it was a cutting taken by my sister in law from Mike's mum's rose. It is a shrub and it's flowers are similar to Crimson Shower perhaps slightly bigger but grown in sprays and repeat flowering.

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