Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I love Nerines and have struggled for years with them in the garden although several neighbours have wonderful displays in their gardens. I have one flower in my garden.
I started to grew some in large white buckets so that I could place on the doorstep. They are in a gritty compost which they like and I can keep the frost off their flowers by the protection of the front porch. This worked well except they needed re potting and the buckets were too big and heavy to keep moving.

This spring I repotted them and ended up with a bench full of pots. I think I let them get too dry early in the year and due to lack of space they stayed in the greenhouse all summer. This year I have so few flowers on them I do hope they do better next year.

The Agapanthus and lillies are stored in the greenhouse during the winter but at present the greenhouse is full of geranium and other plants that need to be in a frost free place ie. the porch which is currently being re roofed.

Hiding amongst the Amelanchier is a Liquidamber that I have relocated. I need to nurture it for now until it is properly established. I am hoping it will fill a gap that has developed and balance this corner out better.

A couple of years ago I planted up either side of the fence with a view to more height and so making the top bit of the garden more enclosed and hiding the view out over the estate behind. The Hoheria grew larger than I had realised and flopped over and around the Liquidamber so I decided to move the Liquidamber I always knew it was not in a good position as it grows into such a large tree although not in my life time.

I have a cutting from Crimson Shower Rambling Rose which will benefit now with more space and the seat on the left covered in ivy will not be submerged by the Liquidamber.