Wednesday, 14 October 2009


The flowers in the garden are still providing an interesting show.
I planted out Delphinium I had grown from seed not expecting it to flower until next year but was delighted to see they have added to the Autumn colour.
I moved the pots of Dahlia from the centre bed to this bed next to the wall. I needed to use the space to plant out Wallflowers and the Dahlia were not ready to be stored for the winter just yet.

I have always found growing Delphinium from seed rewarding but they do not do well in my mixed borders as they need attention to keep slugs and snails off their tender shoots so I try whenever possible to give them a bed of their own. This is not easy in my garden too many plants. This bed by the wall although it has several large shrubs and roses is ok because I can still watch over the Delphinium plants and they do look lovely flowering there both from the front window and from the road. Cheers up many a passer bye's face when they see a riot of flowers.

This was a straggler Fuschia from last year but such a delightful flower. I am not good at keeping non hardy fuschia year to year they get so woody and never produce nice shaped plants. Yet another skill to develop.

The grapes still looking great and the birds are enjoying the feast.

The Acer looking ok although a bit dry round the edges of the leaves from lack of water.

Couldn't resist posting this. Still several Morning Glory popping up daily.

Arbutus Uneo with still one or two fruit looking attractive now they are deep red with the Fuschia peeping through the fence. I am rather pleased the Arbutus is surviving, when it lost so many leaves early in the year I started to worry, but it looks happy enough now.

Cercis Canadensis Forest Pansy is also looking happy so I am pleased with this too.

Amelanchier a must for any garden that can accommodate a small tree. White blossom in the spring followed by red berries that encourage the birds to feed and then this lovely autumn colour which will be followed by the Acer's colour soon.

Not as colourful as earlier in the year a little sad really that summer is behind us.

A few more Dahlia that filled a bed in the back after I had attacked the ground elder.
This was early evening sun going down on the right of the picture which is why the garden isn't so well lit.

Late sun through Amelanchier.

Another Fuschia left over from last years hanging baskets.

Hydrangea with it's Autumn colours.

Hypericum I think Elstead, the berries look better than the flowers do.